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Barry Wurst

Barry Wurst II writes film reviews for Maui Time Weekly and teaches film classes at University of Colorado in Colorado Springs (UCCS). Wurst also does weekly radio spots for Wild 105.5 (“Hawaii’s Party Station!”), co-hosts podcasts for and has been published in Bright Lights Film Journal and in other film-related websites. He wrote his first movie review when he was 10 years old and used to self-publish issues of “Barry’s Picks” for the customers of Videoland & TV (the video store he worked at for 8 years).

Jim Noonan

Jim Noonan is a retired military officer and now devotes his life to movies.  He is on a never-ending search for film greatness.  Jim is one of the biggest movie trailer and Academy Award fans.  He has loved Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” since he first saw it 15 years ago and thinks it’s the best film ever made.  Since the dawn of DVD and Blu-Ray, he has amassed one of the most comprehensive film archives to date. “I will be watching, talking about, and writing about movies till the day I die.”  You can check out all of Jim’s writings @JimNoonanMedia or

Kenny Miles
Whether something is overlooked by Hollywood or whatever business trend has captured the Entertainment Industry’s attention, Kenny Miles loves to talk about movies (especially the cultural impact of a film). He also covers specialty genre films, limited release; independent, foreign language, documentary features and the awards season at The Movie When he isn’t writing, Kenny channels his passion for interacting with moviegoers (something most movie pundits lack) as a pollster for the market research company CinemaScore and working floor staff for Landmark Theatres. You can follow him on Twitter @kmiles723

Andy Bockelman

Amassing a collection of hundreds of tapes and DVDs from an early age, Andy Bockelman first tried his hand at film reviews in high school, only to have a critique of “Seabiscuit” rejected by the school paper. Several years later, he found a niche writing about movies for the campus paper at the University of Northern Colorado and has since branched out. His reviews have appeared in the Greeley Tribune, Rawlins Daily Times, Craig Daily Press and Explore Steamboat, the entertainment web site for the Steamboat Springs Pilot & Today. He also currently writes for GALO Magazine and harbors his half-insane dream of owning a hard copy of every film ever made.  He won a Colorado Press Association Award for Best Humorous Column Writing in 2012-13 for his review of “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Christian Toto (DFCS Co-Director)

Christian-Toto-DFCS-denverChristian Toto is the Assistant Editor of Big Hollywood, a comprehensive entertainment site. He provides film reviews for WTOP-FM radio in Washington, D.C. He appears each Friday on “The Mike Rosen Show” to chat movies on the Denver talk show’s program, heard on KOA Radio 850 AM. He previously wrote for The Washington TimesThe Denver PostMovieMaker and 5280. Follow him at @totomovies and read his tips on balancing fatherhood, marriage and leisure time at

Dave Taylor (DFCS Co-Director)

dave-taylor-denverDave Taylor has been watching films for as long as he can remember, and writes film reviews for a variety of outlets, including the Boulder Weekly, Colorado Business Magazine and his blog Dave On Film. He also tracks movie industry news through @FilmBuzz on Twitter. His favorites films include Lawrence of ArabiaBlade RunnerLa Femme NikitaSinging in the RainDouble Indemnity and Rear Window.

Mark Sells

mark-sells-denverMark Sells is a nationally syndicated film journalist for The Oregon Herald and its affiliates, including The Denver Herald.  He co-owns a production company, HFMedia, and is currently developing a handful of projects for the large and small screens. In addition to The Herald, Sells is a regular contributor to MovieMakerMoving Pictures303Denver Life, and Denver Magazines.

Benjamin Kendrick

Managing Editor at Screen Rant and host of the SR Underground podcast, Ben Kendrick holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the New School – and has been passionate about film ever since a midnight showing of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Ben is drawn to films that make story and character a priority; however, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying a range of offerings – from blockbuster action to campy so-bad-they’re-good B-movies. Follow Ben on Twitter @benkendrick or visit his personal website for info on his fiction.

Paul Asay

A senior associate editor for the popular Christian site Plugged In, Paul Asay has been reviewing movies since 2006. A longtime journalist, he’s written for a variety of secular and Christian publications including The Washington Post, The Gazette in Colorado Springs, YouthWorker Journal and Paul gets a kick out of James Bond flicks, bad B movies and has a particular fondness for all things superhero: He recently wrote a book linking faith with the cinematic Batman (“God on the Streets of Gotham,” Tyndale). You can follow Paul on Twitter (@AsayPaul), read his blog, visit his website or just think nice, happy thoughts about him in your spare time.

Robert Denerstein

robert-denersteinFor 27 years, Robert Denerstein was the film critic at The Rocky Mountain News, a Denver daily that has now vanished from the publishing scene. The paper’s only round of buyouts made it possible for Denerstein to seek new challenges. Since leaving the News, he has made several short films (with a partner) and has done some teaching. He also writes a movie-related blog, or

Jonathan Lack

Jonathan LackWith over ten years of experience writing and publishing film and television criticism for professional media outlets, Jonathan R. Lack has emerged as a strong new voice in the field of film criticism. He writes movie, TV, and video game reviews, along with special feature, analysis, and industry news articles, for the website Fade to Lack, named after the blog and weekly print column he hosted for The Denver Post’s ‘YourHub’ section from 2007 to 2011, and which still appears in that publication. He has also served as the Associate Editor for entertainment website We Got This Covered, and currently co-hosts The Weekly Stuff Podcast, a film and gaming audio show. Visit to see his work. 

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